Wednesday, July 13, 2005



69 could be the world's most favorite number (sexually, i.e.), but it is not intended here to pound on the same line of thought or idea. But well .... since you caused the intro of this number into my otherwise "peaceful, unadulterated existence" (Talaga lang ha!), i shall respond to this call of "reawakening to No. 69", with a wee bit of the O (hmmm....).
69 is a Cancer sign, the sign of a Crab (am i right?). It also happens to be the sign of that someone special ---- someone with whom i have developed a certain affinity --- who entered into my tabula rasa and altered the order of things for me, like no other. Life's irony (in the chatroom only) however, is that: while the privilege of viewing him on cam has been granted generously on several occasions, he has stubbornly kept mum about his real name. The guessing game hasn't ended til this time. Whew!

Be Water! Be Snake! On July 15, you'll be 28.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (i have this tendency to forget birthdates, so bear with me if this greeting came in advance).


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