Monday, August 15, 2005


Where would you choose that love should go? Into the heart? Into memory? Into life, or into oblivion? The choices were made probably by someone who had gone so much through life by loving and losing.

Finallly, she met that someone whose resemblance to a guy in an old photograph she has been keeping all those years, was quite striking. Was he the one she has been searching all along? But in a snap of a finger, he disappeared without even hinting goodbye --- leaving her with unanswered questions. She keeps a flicker of hope though. There is no closure yet. One could cling to that thin line that separates hope from hopelessness; perhaps, to stop the agony of uncertainty. Of having waited too long, in vain.

He would probably not understand what she has gone and will be going through. The word is unwritten --- a vow that would rather be left unspoken. But like any searing pain, a pang is felt every now and then. Ah, just when she thought the search was over, the veil remains.

Should there be a letting go now? Of accepting that Destiny can't be reconciled between the here and now? The heart has suffered long enough and need to let go and rest.

Let go and rest but not to oblivion, please.


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